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About US

FinRoute is a membership-based financial platform for Caribbean people who want to live comfortably and realize future goals through a personal financial management journey.

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Start investing in the US stock market

Get comfortable with money management and live the life of your dreams.

The life you want to lead is made up of desires big and small. From 
everyday desires like the food you’d like to eat and the clothes you’d like to wear, to bigger desires like the car you’d like to drive and the house you’d like to live in. FinRoute helps you make your desires a reality through personal financial management, financial education and exclusive discounts from merchants that are already part of your everyday decisions.

Our Values


Knowledge Sharing and Communication

We freely share information, skills and ideas with our community to ensure that they succeed at whatever they set out to achieve. Our knowledge base is easily accessible and we are open to receiving ideas and knowledge from our community.

Technology & Intelligence

Our Financial Technology (FinTech) ecosystem was built using the best and latest technologies. Our robust systems support our functions and provide us with intelligence to help us better serve our community.


Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a critical pathway to long-term economic growth. We are committed to providing access to financial services that empower people to take control of their financial lives. The bridges we’ve built will result in increased investment, corporation, financial activity, entrepreneurship, and innovation to help the region realize its full economic potential.


We treat those we serve with dignity and respect. We always consider the human element when understanding and solving problems.


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Our Mission

To provide a path to financial services that empower people to take control of their lives and realize their goals.

Our Vision

To be the platform of choice for personal financial management and financial education in the Caribbean.

What are people saying about FinRoute?

The FinRoute is the best in financial education. They make learning about personal finance easy, even for those who are not experts. I have been using their resources for over a year and have grown to be more confident and knowledgeable about my finances.
Bailey Dupont
The FinRoute's workshops have allowed my students to explore different career paths and have taught them about investing, for which I know parents would never had time.
Carolyn Byer
Ex Principal of St. James Secondary
The FinRoute is an excellent solution for SMEs. I joined their partner community and improved my visibility. Increased sales have been impressive with the constant flow of prospective clients. It has been an enormous time saver for me, and the best part is that my customers are happy to spend because of the benefits they receive.
Keegan Bowen
Owner of Skymatik

Meet the FinRoute Team

Kanny Speaker

Kandyss Trancoso

Founder and CEO
Kiefah (2)

Kiefah Castello

Administrative Coordinator (T&T)
Danara pic

Danara Sookdeo

SEO & Digitization

Kenrife Matthias

Administrative Coordinator (SVG)

Ready to take control of your financial life?